Sand Mandala & Photo Exhibition

Sand Mandala of Avalokitesvara the Buddha of Compassion.

Everyone is invited to the appreciation day special event: viewing of the Sand Mandala created by the monks of Sera-Jhe Monastery.

In general, the Mandala shows a method of bringing peace and harmony to our world. Also, it is said that the mere glimpse of the Mandala will create positive impression on the mind-stream of the observer, who for a moments is in touch with the profound potential for perfect Enlightenment, which exists within the mind of all beings.

What: Sand Mandala and Photo Exhibition
When: August 27-28, 2016 10am – 4pm
Where: 5200 Huntington Ave, Richmond, CA 94804

Saturday, August 27th at 5 PM; Appreciation Party at JFK High School

Free Entrance and Dinner!

Appriciation Day Event