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1 March, 2017, Richmond City Hall: Kelsang Jungney (TANC President) and building committee member Tsering Gyurmey met with Mayor Tom Butt and councilmember Gayle McLauglin (former Mayor of Richmond 2007 -2015) and offered Losar greetings on behalf of the Tibetan Community.

After an hour long meeting and discussions on TANC’s work in the Northern California, they also informed them on various issues on Tibet, the serious contravention of human rights, self immolation, demolition of Larung Gar, environmental destructions in Tibet. The Mayor and councilmember have shown great interest and decided to continue their support to TANC and her Tibet related work.

Mayor Tom Butt said, “The city will raise Tibet’s flag for a week on Tibetan National Uprising Day.”

Media update: Source: RFA Tibetan News.…/TIB/TIB-2017-0302-1300.mp3

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