This year, to commemorate the 58 Tibetan National Uprising day, bay area Tibetans and Friends of Tibet stood up to voice their frustrations against the Chinese communist government and its repressive policies against Tibetans.  People from all walks of life, children as young as two years to an old lady (aged 90) took part to pay tribute to our fallen & oppressed brothers and sister in Tibet.  

The whole day event was organized by SF Team TIBET

Photo updates in front of Berkeley City Hall, San Francisco City Hall, Chinese Consulate and Justin Herman Plaza

8.30 AM: In front of Berkeley City Hall

10MARCH 2017DSC_0411

10MARCH 2017DSC_0390


Tibetan National Flag Raising/ speech by Vice Mayor of Berkeley city Mr. Kriss Worthington

10.30 AM: In front of San Francisco City Hall

10MARCH 2017DSC_0541

10MARCH 2017DSC_0463

10MARCH 2017DSC_0450

10MARCH 2017DSC_0455

10MARCH 2017DSC_0495

10MARCH 2017DSC_0513

10MARCH 2017DSC_0454

11.50 AM: March to Chinese Consulate

10MARCH 2017DSC_0597

10MARCH 2017DSC_0585

10MARCH 2017DSC_0569

10MARCH 2017DSC_0647

10MARCH 2017DSC_0635

10MARCH 2017DSC_0665

5.00 PM: Justin Herman Plaza

10MARCH 2017DSC_0765

10MARCH 2017DSC_0773

10MARCH 2017DSC_0790

10MARCH 2017DSC_0801

10MARCH 2017DSC_0791