Closing Ceremony TSYP 2017 (7/21)

Closing Ceremony TSYP 2017

Group A

Group B

Group C

Congrats to All ! 

TSYP 2017 Week 3

(17 – 21) July

TSYP 2017 ‘Lha-kar’

(10 – 14) July

TSYP 2017 Week 1

(26 – 30) June

Organized by Namchoed Kyetsel (NK) Parent Association and TANC/ NK Ed. Council;

Steps to enroll:

  1. Download the application form../
  2. The completed application form must be submitted (personally) latest by 30 May, 2017 only at Berkeley Adult School every Sunday during the Namchoed Kyetsel school hour (except 21 May,2017) to Mr. Lhagyal la (NK Parent Association).
  3. Please note that the forms will not be accepted at/ during other odd hours & days, so as not to create any confusions.

Note: Priorities will be give to the following students who are currently enrolled to Namchoed Kyetsel Cultural school and attending whole three weeks program.

For more information on form submission, please contact/ email:  (

Thank you for visiting this page, we have already closed the registration/ enrollment of students for the upcoming TSYP 2017.

– TSYP 2017 team (11 June -2017)