TANC 2017 BETSY GORDON Foundation Scholarship is available for the all the Northern California Tibetan scholars.


2017 TANC Scholarship Announcement

Changes under specific eligibility requirement (updated 8/9/17)

1. 4 (Four) copies of typed essay is required.

2. More specific information on personal essays: Introduction with academic background, about your major, your strength and weaknesses.

3. two recommendation letters from current professor (exempted to those who are first time student at community college/adult school/GED)

4. latest academic transcript (for only undergrad and grad).

For more information, please email: scholarshipcommittee@tanc.org  ‘or’ contact@tanc.org

Mailing Address:


BGS 2017


1607 Shattuck Ave

Berkeley, CA 94709


2017 TANC Scholarship Announcement

Tibetan Association of Northern California is delighted to announce that the Betsy Gordon Foundation has decided to generously provide scholarships to Bay Area Tibetan students for the fifth year. Full-time Tibetan students residing in Northern California and attending colleges and schools in Northern California or outside the region are invited to apply for scholarships. The deadline to submit application is August 24th, 2017. (Please note TANC Management are not responsible for any application lost in transit of postal)

Interview date: Saturday, August 26, 2017


The Tibetan Community Scholarship program was established in 2007 with the generous support of the Betsy Gordon Foundation based in San Rafael, California. The annual scholarship program provides partial financial assistance to full-time Tibetan residents in Northern California. The scholarship program seeks to empower Tibetans to attain their professional and personal goals, and assume leadership roles in the community.

Scholarship Categories

2017 scholarships are offered in the following five categories:

  • Graduate/Post-graduate College Education: 4 awards, $ 2,500 each
  • Undergraduate College Education: 10 awards, $2,000 each
  • Community College Education 12 awards, $ 1,250 each
  • Vocational or Adult Schools for the High School Diploma or the GED preparation: up to 8 awards, $500 each

Please note that nursing students at community colleges are considered community college students.

TANC doesn’t bar past scholarship recipients from applying again. However, in the interest of fairness, preference will be given to new and re-applicants who did not receive support in previous years.

Community members attending adult schools must be enrolled for the High School Diploma or the GED test preparation class.

All scholarship recipients must take an annual commitment of at least 40 hours of volunteer work with TANC. Please review and select the service opportunities list attached to the application.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Demonstrated leadership in school, community or in employment
  • Northern California Resident
  • Member of TANC (Valid membership ID or payment receipt as proof).
  • Applicants Green Book paid up to date.


  • Completed application form with a photo and all the supporting documents.
  • Typed personal essay. Prior recipients must submit a new essay.
  • Two current recommendation letters. Candidates pursuing academic courses must submit at least one recommendation letter from a current professor. Recommendation letter older than six months will not be accepted.
  • Latest academic transcript.
  • Information related to the cost of education including tuition, books, and other costs by semester or year (refer to the application form).
  • Information on other scholarships received or expected for the academic year.
  • Must sign the Release Form to allow the Scholarship Committee members to contact the Applicant’s institution to obtain information on funding details (refer to the application form for more details).
  • Photocopy of applicant’s Tibetan Green Book dues paid up to date.
  • Photocopy of TANC membership with dues paid up to the current year.

A selection committee, comprised of members from the community, will review the applications. The finalists will be invited for a short (20-30 minutes) interview at Tibetan Association of Northern California Center. The successful candidates will be announced on September 2, 2017.

Application Window: Tuesday Jul 17th, 2017 to Sunday 5.00 pm (PST) Aug 20th, 2017.

Final decision will be made by late August and scholarships announcement by September 02, 2017.

Scholarship decision made by the TANC Scholarship Committee is final and may not be appealed or challenged. All applicants will be required to sign an Applicant Agreement form (attached to the application form). By signing the Applicant Agreement form, the applicant is agreeing to abide by the decisions made by the TANC Scholarship Committee.