The Advisory Council consists of community leaders, friends and supporters of the Bay Area Tibetan community, and experts. These individuals collectively help TANC and its various project through various ways including developing contacts, providing expertise in specific areas, bringing a new and different perspective, lending prestige to the project, and providing strategic input towards current and future direction of TANC.

Responsibilities: The primary function of this body is to give advice and support to the TANC Board and key project members. Members meet at least once a year and have the following responsibilities:

  • Review long range goals and annual objectives presented by TANC Board, provide feedback, and advice
  • Evaluate products, services, and programs offered by TANC. Provide feedback and advice
  • Review financial statements, work plans, and other key materials. Provide feedback and advice
  • Assist with the fundraising efforts of TANC
  • Spend a few hours consulting one-to-one with one or more Board and project members
  • Give expert advice on specific areas: real estate, legal compliance, funding, marketing, etc.

Each member serves for a period of three years.

Current Advisory Council Members:

  • Dhonyo Tenzin
  • Chime Lhamo
  • Tenzin Tsephel
  • Tenzin Dhonyo

Contact info: