Youth Development

Mission: The Tibetan Association of Northern California’s (TANC) Youth Program seeks to empower its young members, ages 11-21, through programs and activities that build self esteem, strengthen leadership skills, positively socialize with peers, enhance capacity to make informed and healthier life choices, and promote the ethic of community service.

Structure and Roles: Youth programs are designed, administered and monitored by a Youth Program Committee (YPC) whose members report to the TANC Program Committee, which in turn is accountable to the TANC Board. The TANC Program Committee nominates YPC members. The Committee will have a minimum of five members and each member is expected to serve for a period of at least two years. Committee members have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Recruit mentors/mentees, tutors, potential YPC members, and volunteers
  • Organize events, camps, career days, etc.
  • Prepare program budget and ensure that expenses don’t exceed the budget
  • Fundraise for TANC Youth Program
  • Ensure at least one YPC member attends monthly TANC Program Committee meetings
  • Prepare an annual program report
  • Monitor and evaluate current programs/activities, and assess ongoing needs

Programs and Activities

I.Youth Mentorship Program: The program matches youths in one-on-one relationships with mentors who provide support and guidance. Mentors can encourage their mentees self-confidence and self-esteem. They can also help them plan for the future and expose them to higher education and career opportunities.

Each mentor is assigned two mentees. Mentors are expected to meet their mentees at least once a quarter and maintain regular contact. Mentors are community members with diverse backgrounds ranging from college students to working professionals and elders. Mentees are middle school, high school, college students and young adults. YPC interviews and screens each mentee applicant to make appropriate matches. Mentors and Mentees interested in participating in this program should contact the YPC. This program will start off with ten mentors. If there is more demand, YPC members will recruit additional mentors.

YPC members will organize a kick-off event for the Youth Mentorship Program in July 2009 where prospective mentors and youths will be invited to learn more about the program. YPC will also organize annual Mentor of the Year award.

II. Annual Youth Summer Camp

YPC will organize an annual youth summer camp in August. The camp will be a weekend-long event and may involve staying overnight at a camp location in the Bay Area. The camp is meant to be about fun and enjoyment and to provide the youths an opportunity to know each other and develop friendships. Towards this end, the camps will feature games, cooking, nature hikes, story telling and other recreational activities. However, these camps will also include workshops and talks related to personal development; skills building; discussions/workshops on topics related to Tibetan culture, history, identity, and spirituality. Camp participants will be asked to pay a registration fee to cover a portion of the camp expenses. Information on the camp and more details will be posted on TANC website and also disseminated through TANC e-mail list serve, flyers, and informally.

III. Annual Career Day

This event will be organized every fall. The event will feature Tibetan Professionals as well as experts and resource people from outside the community. Representatives from different industries will also be invited to set up information table and booth.

YPC members will also coordinate other TANC projects that activities that relate to young members in the age group 11-21 years.

Community Service Credit

TANC is committed to encouraging its members, particularly the younger members, to get into community service. TANC will therefore offer community service credit for members interested in volunteering or interning with the health program. It will provide a letter specifying the number of hours volunteered. Individuals must log at least 50 hours of community service in order to be eligible for the TANC letter, which the applicant can forward to their schools or include in their school applications.